Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Send in your ugly soap for the greater good!

I just saw this posted on a message board that I frequent, and when I watched the video it brought tears to my eyes. Thinking about all the people who go without basic necessities.

Here is the link to the video and story:

Here is a link to the org:

Please take a minute and watch the video.

They take gently used soaps from hotels and rebatch them, then send them to Haiti.

I am going to send them all my soap scraps and ends, ugly batches, misshaped bars, test batches and batches with fading scents from now on. Just imagine that something you would normally throw out can help fight disease and possibly even save a life!

According to the original poster they will take MP, CP, HP and Liquid soaps.

Oh and it gets even better! They don't rebatch the soap themselves, they partnered with a Men's mission in Orlando providing jobs to the Homeless!

So please send any soaps to:

Clean the World
c/o Threads of Compassion
4625 Old Winter Garden Road B7
Orlando, FL 32811

I'm also going to contact local hotels and see if they will donate as well.

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Anne-Marie said...

That was a really touching video. Thanks for sharing. What a great cause!