Friday, May 15, 2009

Knifty Knitter -- so easy!!

So I have been making crafts at work lately -- sorry I didn't get any pics before giving them away! Well last Thursday (actually Friday at 1am) I went to lunch (Which means I walked around Wal-Mart) I was so saddened to see that all the fabric was gone!! Yup my local wal-mart quit selling fabric -- worst part I MISSED THE SELL!

Then I thought "Well maybe I will do something with yarn." So I was walking around what was left of the crafts I found "Knifty Knitter" looms, and they are awesome! So easy to use. I got the rectangle purple one, it came with the hook and a book. And I got some pretty yarn that was on sale too!

Here is the loom :

And here is my progress after about 15 minutes

Did I mention that I don't know the first thing about knitting. . .but this is soo simple! I really recommend it to anyone and everyone that would love to knit but doesn't know how!

Click here for the basic instructions on how to use the purple loom

Anyway, I'll post more when I'm done!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stress and the Every Day Job

So I must be getting stressed, I mean I knew that I was but not to the point that I really am. We recently "restructured", meaning that I am taking quite a few clients without access to their systems or being trained on them. It sucks, and I know it will for a while. . . I have accepted it. . .or at least I thought I did. I mean we all (NightHawk) are going through it right now, being merged into one group from our comfortable three. I would much prefer two groups, it makes more sense to me and quite a few others. . .but it isn't our decision to make.

Well anyway the other day I was on one of these calls and I just broke down, I don't know why but I just started crying uncontrollably! *HOW EMBARRASSING* I couldn't stop and it was so strange, I have never been like that before. . . and it wasn't even a really bad call. It is just so frustrating doing things and not knowing what the hell I am doing. And I know that the end user can tell that I am bluffing, simply because I don't know enough to bluff my way through it. Argh, it is just so frustrating!

So another sign that I'm super stressed. . . I started crafting at work. Yup any down time that I get I'm doing something to distract myself. I'll have to take some pics of the things that I have made so far. . . not like they are the greatest quality or anything but it is fun and calming, especially when you don't worry about things like measuring or ironing. . .lol

Anyway it was nice to vent and hopefully things can only get better! Thanks for listening internet and anyone else that stumbles by. :P

P.S. I also noticed that I forget what I am doing while I am doing it. . .a lot and I'm not the only one. . . I think our brains are fried.