Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please keep my family in your thoughts

On the 6th I received an email from my brother, he is only 21 and a Marine serving in Afghanistan. He almost died twice since the beginning of the year. Right after midnight on the first he was in a convoy and a truck a few trucks ahead of him blew up, luckily everyone made it out ok. . . but then on the 6th something happened and he almost got "blown up by a mortar a couple of times". He lost a close friend that day and had to carry him off the battle field. It is killing me because I haven't heard from him since the that email. . . I am really worried but I can't tell our mother, because I know how much it will upset her and her health isn't the best these days.

Mom (who is only 43) is scheduled for open heart surgery on the 23rd of this month. Her heart beat has been so slow, that the doctors think there is a blockage and they are going to give her a pace-maker. She wore a heart monitor for a week and her heart beat ranged from 32-48. . .the average heart rate is 60-80.

I just feel awful keeping this from her, but she doesn't need to know. . . she needs to stay in the bubble of thinking that he is over there doing nothing. . .just stationed in a quite area. That is what we all were hoping. . . but now I know.

I'm so sorry to go like this, but I am just so worried about them both.

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